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rick hoogendoornRick Hoogendoorn employs a vast array of life experience in all of his speeches, courses and seminars. He began his television career at age 15, volunteering for a local cable TV program. By 19, he was a television news and sports reporter at CKVU television in Vancouver, BC. By 23, Rick was producing the evening news. That year he also received Honourable Mention from the Canadian Radio & Television News Directors’ Association for Best Human Interest News Story. 
Rick left the news business in 1988 and travelled around Europe, where he ended up teaching English in Barcelona, Spain for 18 months, while also working in a hotel and bar in the Pyrenees. During the 1990’s, Rick was a personal financial advisor in Victoria, BC - holding dozens of motivational and educational seminars for employees of various companies and provincial government departments.
From 1997 to 2003, Rick mentored under Robert Fritz, focusing on business strategy, structural dynamics, and the creating process. Together, they collaborated on a number of video projects and radio commercials. Rick and his spouse, Cheri Crause, are successful real estate investors and have spoken on many occasions to various investment groups. In 2005, he created the Senior Focused Business Network and spearheaded a campaign to help make his hometown of Victoria, BC, a more senior-friendly city. As a result, he was named as Canada’s first Certified Senior Advisor of the Year in 2007. He has also been on the board of the Family Caregivers’ Network Society, and is currently serving as their president. He is also president of the South Vancouver Island Classics’ Soccer Association.
Since his early 20’s, Rick wanted to be an author. He tried unsuccessfully to write books for more than 20 years, becoming extremely frustrated with himself. This came to a head in 2010 when he had an insight into what was stopping him. This insight lead to the publication of his first book “What Is Stopping You?”, and his second book “18 Holes To Your Goals”. He loves speaking to people around the world, and helping them realize their own dreams and aspirations.



"Dynamic, inspiring and passionate"


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