On Your Mark! Get Set!

           It is difficult to start something new. It is, and it isn’t. race start

        It certainly seems difficult when you are at the stage of merely thinking about starting. At that stage we haven’t actually done anything but think about it, and sometimes this stage can last a lifetime.

        There are many reasons why we don’t start something, but here are two of the most common. We are overwhelmed by the scale of the project and don’t know where to start, and/or we think we need to figure out how to avoid mistakes first.

        I have found that breaking down a task into very tiny segments (even ridiculously small segments) helps dissolve the overwhelm issue. For example, I have decided I want to create a content-rich website. I want to have a blog, videos, podcasts, and so on. Where do I start? OMG! Oh, one blog entry . This one.

        If you are stuck because of a need to avoid mistakes, I would encourage you to rethink the value of mistakes, in general. Mistakes are learning opportunities and those lead to performance improvements and innovation. And all that can eventually lead to mastery.

        I love the idea of mastery, and having a complete command over a skill or ability. It necessitates playing a long-term game. It involves being dedicated to the intricacies of the craft.

        Now imagine being a master of starting. Mastery gained from repeated practice over years. Where breaking down large projects into tiny, manageable steps has become automatic. Where mistakes are not only welcomed but sought out! You might even ask how you can fail faster, so you can learn faster.

        So many more possibilities arise when you just start. You have something real to build upon. And so it will be, in my next blog entry, that we’ll look at what else can help you get on the road, or back on the road, to your dream.

Copyright © 2013 Rick Hoogendoorn