What Could You Ask Yourself?

                  When it comes to creating the life you want to have, is what you’re doing working? Are your habits serving you? While we don’t control the results in our lives, we certainly seem to be able to wield some influence.

                 Salespeople often make a distinction between results goals and activity goals. A results goal would be something like “make 3 sales/week”. An activity goal would be something like “make 10 sales calls and have two face-to-face appointments each day”. The sales professional can control their activities. They can’t guarantee their outcomes. But the more calls they make, the greater their chances of a sale.

                  questionsWhen it comes to creating the dreams you want, those dreams are for direction and context. We really can’t control exactly when or how they come into being. Instead, we can ask and answer questions that increase the likelihood we’ll get what we want.

                  What can you do today that will get you closer to your goal? What small new habit could you work on that would increase how quickly you realize your dream? Who can you ask for help? What do you need to know from them? Who has already created what you want? What else can you do that would virtually guarantee you’ll realize your dream? What can you do today, right now, that would make your dream come true faster? How can you make it easier to work toward your dream systematically every day? What would your future be like if you worked toward your dream every day, and constantly worked to learn and improve what you did? How can you get other people on your side?

                  What other questions could you ask and answer that would help you?

                  What's a great book you could read? I'll recommend one in my next blog post...

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