My Life on One Page

     In my humble opinion, the one and only reason I have done a blog post today is because of a magic software program. I just found out about it today and already I've accomplished more in a day, in a myriad of arenas, than I normally accomplish in two! I'm calling my new discovery "my life on one page!" Such is my enthusiasm for Workflowy.
    workflowyWorkflowy is both an online productivity site and an iPad / iPhone Application. I've been working on it from my desktop today, establishing both an overview of my business and my life, as well as a detailed list of things to do.

     Not only that, I've created a simple outline for my next book, input a list of places I'd like to travel to, and simplified various processes for our real estate business by creating checklists. All in one, dynamic document!
    If that isn't enough, here I am resurrecting my blog which had been lost in a jungle of other tasks and responsibilities. It works.
    Most people have busy lives, so being able to establish what is essentially a dynamic one pager for EVERYTHING, is tantamount to magic. The program is incredibly simple, and intuitive. Further, there are a number of YouTube videos that can help with the basics. I watched 4 or 5 short tutorials this afternoon and that was all I needed.
    So do your life a favour and try out Workflowy. I'm as excited about it as I am about the documentary Searching for Sugarman. Both get a WOW! from me this week.

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