According to Wikipedia, sliced bread was first introduced to the marketplace in 1928. I mention this, because I think YouTube is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

photo-44Earlier this year I went up to Dawson Creek, British Columbia on a short business trip and when I was there I managed to capture a lightning storm with my video camera. Upon my return to Victoria, I wanted to put a short video together but I imagined having some slow motion shots of the lightning as part of it. The problem? I didn't know how to create slow motion shots with the editing software I was using.

   Cue YouTube. In a matter of seconds I was able to type in the name of my editing program, along with the words "slow motion", and sure enough other people had posted 'How To' videos about just that! All I had to do was watch one or two of them and I was able to create my own 'Lightning Storm - Dawson Creek BC' video, complete with slow motion lightning. 

   YouTube is full of 'How To' videos covering just about any subject you can imagine, and millions more are being created and posted every month. Last week I was having trouble with my achilles after a soccer game and sure enough there was a slick quick fix video for that too!

   Want to see how the fingering goes for a Pink Floyd guitar solo? YouTube. Cake decorating tutorials for beginners? YouTube. Learn Japanese? YouTube. 10 Useful iphone shortcuts? YouTube. How to open Skype? YouTube. 

   So to all those people who are selflessly creating helpful tutorials and posting them. Thank you. They're awesome. You've succeeded in helping to create the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

Copyright © 2013 Rick Hoogendoorn