A Problem of Whose?

The Grinch hated blogging
at least when he had to
anything he should do
invariably made him mad, too

It robbed him of freedom
He longed to be free
To have a schedule so clear
there was nothing to see

But there was always something
some task to be done
And all of those shoulds, well
they robbed him of fun

For how could the Grinch
just sit I-diddly by
when there were all of these chores to do?
he didn't know why

he couldn't just spend his days
out at the beach
why was retirement so far
out of reach?

So the Grinch sat and plotted
he fretted and schemed
until one day he realized
life wasn't what it seemed

The Grinch had a thought
it started quite small
and then grew within minutes
to be 80 feet tall

It wasn't that he had to do
the things on his list
There was something his thinking
had quite simply missed

He wanted to blog
it wasn't that he should
And the more he did write
well, the more he got good

He wasn't boxed in by
the format, you see
The Grinch, yes, he'd actually
always been free

to do what he wanted
to write in his way
he could do that tomorrow and
he could do that today

To add in the fun
to play with his words
this idea that he wasn't free
was for the birds

Yes, the Grinch loved his blogging
he had turned it around
to a new way of thinking
that was simple, but profound

The Grinch was so happy
he actually started a-humming
for the next chore on his list was
to keep Christmas from coming


Copyright © 2013 Rick Hoogendoorn