Is Your Business More Personal or Less Personal?

   There is a danger in the business world today. A danger and an opportunity. As our reliance on technology increases, so too does the opportunity to be more personal with clients and prospects than our competition. Take greeting cards for example. As the recipient of a greeting card, what would have more impact to you? A pre-printed, store-bought card that is simply signed, an e-card that is emailed, a personalized but automated card (ie. Send Out Cards), or a handmade card with a personalized message?HAL good morning

   Let's look at this another way. You are raising a child. But you cannot be there in person for that baby, ever. Instead, you merely touch it with the help of a monitor and a remote-controlled robotic arm.You witness baby's first steps on the computer screen. You hear baby's first words from your desktop. The words of encouragement you have for the child come from a printer in the nursery, which are then translated into an automated voice designed to sound somewhat like you."Goochy, goochy goo," says R2D2.

   The truth is, we are organic beings who need organic face to face, voice to voice contact. The more contact we have like this, the deeper the relationships we can develop. Compare the people you know whoyou meet face to face regularly with the people you know (ie.Facebook-only friends) who you have never even talked to on the phone, let alone met in person. Now look at your clients and prospects. You want and expect them to open their wallets but you've never even heard their voice?

   The more 'organic' contact you have with clients and prospectsthe more they have the opportunity to feel you really care about them. They can't connect with you and your product 'emotionally' in the same way when contact is merely electronic. They can't know you, and they may not be able to trust you completely. 

   If you can't meet them face to face, then talk to them voice to voice. If you can't talk to them voice to voice, then write them something with a PEN. Mix it up. Use technology, certainly, but sprinkle a little organic now and then and see what that produces.

   If you don't believe me, then kiss your spouse goodnight with the new app.

Copyright © 2013 Rick Hoogendoorn